Hot conference topics and themes for 2011: mobile devices

11 02 2011

This is an expansion of the mobile theme; with markets continuing to mature and mobile devices growing in affect across markets we expect them to feature more heavily on conference agendas. This will be particularly buoyed by the maturation of the tablet market, which is likely to feature more heavily on mobile event agendas and perhaps spawn tablet specific events.

Events in the telecoms sector such as the Mobile World Congress and Open Mobile Summit alongside the consumer electronic shows like IFA and CES will continue to be the main arena for mobile device discussions. However, mobile devices will also become an increasing focus at media and advertising events, with delegates wanting to know how to advertise on these platforms, reach new audiences and stay ahead of the curve. The proliferation of devices is also likely to inspire design and interface debate around how to keep user experience the same across devices and allow consumers to move freely between screens and across platforms.

Live video coverage of Mobile World Congress conference sessions

16 02 2010

Just stumbled upon this, but it seems anyone can watch live video coverage of the Mobile World Congress conference sessions via the event site – they call it Mobile World Live.  You have to register your details but apart from that it’s free.  This is a new feature and quite a good idea.

You can see Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google deliver his keynote at 3.45pm GMT – that’s in 15 minutes!