Blogs, apps and paywalls: how digital media is transforming journalism – Oriella PR Network study

7 07 2010

This may seem a little bit of a jump from our normal content on our blog, but given that many of the conference organisers we deal with are units of media publications (FT, Economist, Forbes, Business Week, Total Telecom, Haymarket, MediaGuardian, etc, etc, etc) this great report from the Oriella PR Network has relevance and potential repercussions for the business conference world.

(In the spirit of transparency, the company I work for, Brands2Life is a member of the Oriella PR Network)

Nevertheless, it’s a substantial study into the impact digital and social media are having on journalism. The study has found that journalists have to produce more content on more platforms, are working longer hours, and have less time to research stories. However, job satisfaction remains high, and almost half of the journalists Oriella spoke to said that digital and social media have increased the quality of their work.

The research also explored publications approaches to paid-for content. Rupert Murdoch’s controversial decision to build paywalls around The Times and The Sunday Times is being watched closely by media executives worldwide: the study found that two thirds of publications are evaluating – or have implemented – some form of paid-for content model, be it smartphone apps, pay-per-view or special formats for e-readers, such as the iPad.

These findings shine a light on some big changes to come in the way the media gathers, presents, and raises revenues from the news – with knock on impacts on how organisations to manage their global communications.

Have a read if you can!