The year ahead: Recovery

3 02 2010

It’s been a tough year for everyone, although certainly some sectors have been hit harder than others and the conference industry has reflected this. We’ve seen new events in certain areas (particularly cloud computing events), but some of the old stalwarts have delayed, downsized or closed their doors entirely.

Taking all due care to knock on wood, cross our fingers and hang lucky horseshoes on our desks, we predict that growing confidence in market recovery will underpin many popular themes and ‘opportunity’ will start to outweigh ‘threat’ on conference agendas in 2010. We also hope to see some of the larger, higher quality events whose doors shut this past year return to form.


It will be interesting to see if this bullish mood translates into increased delegate numbers in 2010, let us know what you think in the comments.

The year ahead: Green Issues and Sustainability

2 02 2010

Green and Sustainability is another theme that’s been on everyone’s lips for a while now; every new piece of enterprise tech has a green angle and every vendor has their own snake oil to help ease your corporate climate guilt.

We see this trend continuing into 2010, particularly around IT infrastructure with the green benefits of cloud computing and hosting being touted by all. This business element of sustainability and energy efficiency in the IT and technology sectors will start to occupy centre stage, stealing focus from more traditional green and sustainability issues.

Green IT

Many of the ‘green’ events launched just two years ago died at the hands of the recession. The good news is this means the majority of the remaining events are good quality and well worth the delegate fee. You should also be prepared to see more green topics sneaking on to agendas across the conference landscape – perhaps you’ve already seen this somewhere completely unexpected; let us know where the strangest green mention you’ve spotted this year was.

The year ahead: Cloud Computing

30 01 2010

Now very much in the mainstream, cloud computing has become the top buzzword in the IT space. Much like ‘green’ events two years ago, its popularity is seeing a raft of new cloud computing-themed events being created, and somewhat surprisingly many of them were launched during the recession last year. If you’re looking to get involved with cloud events this year, I’d advise appropriate due diligence in order to separate the quality events from those bandwagon events just out to make a quick buck. I always find a good acid test is to look at what other events the organiser has produced, then analyse the quality of the those events based on level of speakers, who sponsored, etc. this is normally a pretty good indication that they know what they’re doing and have a history of producing decent events that attract good delegates.  That said, inaugural events (even from an experienced organiser) always have an element of risk as you can’t guarantee their success or who will attend. 


Starting from the beginning: Looking ahead at 2010

29 01 2010

January. Start of a new year, a new decade even, new beginnings and a new blog! Cruddy weather, post-holiday depression and impossibly ambitious resolutions aside, this is the one time of the year that most people feel optimistic about what they can achieve in the next 12 months – a clean slate (or Pad?) if you will.

So in this, our very first blog post, we thought it appropriate to stick with this theme and offer our thoughts on the conference themes that we think will be big in 2010 and why. They are below in no particular order.

Agree? Disagree? Did I miss some? Drop me a comment – we’d love to hear your thoughts on the hot themes for the year ahead.

Of these six themes, I personally think mobile is the most exciting of the bunch.  What? Recovery you say?  Pah!  Economics can’t find me the nearest pub or give me Doodle Jump. My recent acquisition of an iPhone has me spending more time on it than I care to admit, and my monthly bill for app purchases is rivaling my weekly grocery bill.  My esteemed colleague Chris would disagree with me (hates iPhones – has an HTC), but I think the popularity of the iPhone and all it can do is the reason that ‘mobile’ is on everyone’s lips (consumers and industry alike) this year, and why it will be a hot conference topic.

Over the next week we will be looking in more detail at each of these hot themes, so stay tuned!