Maximising conference speaking with social media

9 11 2010

All too often we see speakers turn up five minutes before their presentation, deliver a well polished speech and disappear before the applause has even stopped. We appreciate that many senior level speakers are simply too busy to hang around, but there are other ways to maximise their event exposure that wont keep them out of the office.

Most events these days have some form of social media presence, by engaging with this you can let delegates know in advance what you’ll be covering, point them to your own resources and generally make yourself more accessible. Whether this be a guest blog post or a short video drumming up interest in your session or even a question asked in the conference’s LinkedIn group – “what do you want to hear from us at superuberhightech show 2011?”

Once you’ve finished speaking, follow up with potential leads at the event. Make sure your conference materials are available online and provide a way for the delegates to follow up with you or ask the question they never got to in person. If you’re on Twitter, follow the event, look out for comments around your session and reply, start a conversation and point them towards more information.

As always, it’s all about tying everything together, making yourself accessible, following up on leads and using every channel available to reach and influence your audience.



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