Quality over quantity – a targeted approach to running a speaker programme

19 02 2010

It always amazes us when we start a new year and look ahead to the expanse of conferences on our radar; every year without fail many well known organisations blindly speak at or sponsor the same events again and again. Often, seemingly, without having a clear idea of what they want to get out of the event or if it will meet their business goals.

By using this blanket ‘more is better’ approach these companies lose a great deal of money and resource; their frustrated spokespeople likely come back from poorly targeted conferences wondering why they travelled for two days and spent hours working on a slide deck to speak to 12 people who are not even in their target audience – worse if they suffered the same slog the previous year!


This is why we believe it’s essential to re-assess your speaking goals constantly and to seek feedback from your spokespeople – how many people did they speak to, did they get any sales leads and was the event well run? The organisations that get this right start with a proper brief, do the necessary research and map out all the events they would like to speak at for the year, evaluating them against a set of criteria based on business goals and ROI.

If you don’t know the conference landscape well and haven’t got the experience with organisers to be able to map out the entire year in advance you should consider looking to an external specialist agency. The ability to pre-plan your strategy and ensure you focus on only the most relevant events will help target your message and decrease your costs.



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