The year ahead: Social Media

1 02 2010

So Dave’s already outlined three of our six big themes for 2010, Mobile, Cloud and Healthcare – Now I’d like to look at the remaining three, starting with Social Media.

I grew up on social networks; I’m from the generation that dropped myspace as soon as it hit the mainstream, left facebook when our parents joined and couldn’t possibly tell you the super secret social networking sites we currently use. Let’s face it, everyone and their dog (literally) has a facebook page and a few hundred online friends.
social media stamps
However, from a conference point of view it’s less about tweeting what you had for breakfast and more about how these tools are fundamentally changing the way stakeholders communicate with one another and how this affects traditional business models.

We can think of a thousand examples of brands that have made mistakes with their social media policies, and whilst this continues to be the case and the social media landscape continues to grow we see social media keeping its crown as a hot conference topic. We’re keen to know whether you agree – perhaps you think the message has finally sunk in. Maybe we’ve had all the virals we can handle. Do you really get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing Coke and Pepsi are following each other on Twitter? Let us know what you think in the comments!



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11 01 2011
11 01 2011

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