The year ahead: Healthcare

1 02 2010

With analysts predicting a meltdown of global healthcare systems in the next 10-15 years, the healthcare dilemma has steadily been permeating the business and technology space and is fast moving higher up the agenda. This is evidenced by many of the world’s leading tech companies making a play for the healthcare sector (yes, even Google is involved), and eHealth and Telehealth technologies are two key areas that will continue to be popular in 2010.

While virutally all general healthcare events will feature some element of eHealth technologies, events such as Med-e-tel, CeBIT Telehealth, Health Information Technologies, TeleMed & eHealth and the National Telecare Conference have conference programmes that will focus entirely on eHealth and Telehealth.  All of these events get at least a six month start on developing their programmes and inviting speakers so get in touch early on to pitch.



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1 02 2010
The year ahead: Healthcare »Coolweather

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11 01 2011
11 01 2011

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