The year ahead: Cloud Computing

30 01 2010

Now very much in the mainstream, cloud computing has become the top buzzword in the IT space. Much like ‘green’ events two years ago, its popularity is seeing a raft of new cloud computing-themed events being created, and somewhat surprisingly many of them were launched during the recession last year. If you’re looking to get involved with cloud events this year, I’d advise appropriate due diligence in order to separate the quality events from those bandwagon events just out to make a quick buck. I always find a good acid test is to look at what other events the organiser has produced, then analyse the quality of the those events based on level of speakers, who sponsored, etc. this is normally a pretty good indication that they know what they’re doing and have a history of producing decent events that attract good delegates.  That said, inaugural events (even from an experienced organiser) always have an element of risk as you can’t guarantee their success or who will attend. 




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11 01 2011
11 01 2011

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